Finally a gym that...

has no distractions, ever.
no long term contracts, ever.
has no audience watching you, ever.
has no crowds in your space, ever.
doesn't leave you waiting for equipment, ever.


Ready to change your physique, but can't work out in the gym?


How It Works


As a member you will be able to schedule the use of individual strength training spaces for your personal use for 55 minutes. Specific spaces are available starting on the hour and others are available starting on the half hour.

The Space

Each space includes brand-new, high-quality fitness equipment capable of providing hundreds of movements to target and train all areas of the body. We have everything you need to build a stronger and fitter self.


Society members are allowed either 3 or 7 (depending on package) 55-minute workout time slots per week during your 4-week package period.

All spaces are access controlled and scheduled via the app or website.


All memberships are based on 4-week periods and begin on the Sunday following initial payment.

Split the cost of membership in ½ and sign up a workout partner for FREE!!

$60/4 week package
(3x per week)
$80/4 week package
(7x per week)
$60/4 week package
(3x per week)
$80/4 week package
(7x per week)
$120/4 week package
(3x per week)
$150/4 week package
(7x per week)

Military & First Responder $20 off package rate.

Joint Membership Option

Have a workout partner?! Great! You can add your partner to your membership at any time for no additional cost. They must be registered as your personal member guest and can only attend with you as a badge holder. No additional badges or time slots will be added to your package. This is a great idea to split the cost of membership with your workout partner!

1:1 Coaching

Nutritional Coaching

Gym Membership NOT Required
Customized nutritional programming to ensure success that is sustainable.


  • Month-to-Month Coaching $125
  • 8 Week Shred $200
  • 12 Week Transformation $500
  • What’s included:
    Programming based upon needs (lose fat, muscle gain)
  • Educational based macronutrient coaching
  • Weekly Check Ins (more often where required) to ensure goals aremet appropriately and progressive objectives are defined
  • Supplement recommendations based upon individual needs
  • 24/7 availability for questions or concerns
  • Customized workout and/or cardio plan based upon client goals

Working with Scott I have immediately increased my energy, metabolism, and I am progressively losing fat without eating like a bird!

Becky R,.

Immediate fat loss results and I’ve only just started with Scott. Every week I learn more!

Frankie M.

I have learned more about how food specifically affects me with this coaching than any book or “fad diet” could teach.

James F.

Personal Training

Gym Membership Required
1-on-1 Personal Training held at our gym
Cost: $20 per session

  • What’s included:
    Balance, posture, and muscular assessment
  • Training Instruction
  • Strength & Cardiovascular Education
  • Recovery Guidance
  • Custom Exercise Plan

Self-Discipline Coaching

Gym Membership Required
Lack drive or not accountable to yourself? Self-Discipline Coaching trains your mind to train your body.
Cost: $20 per week for 12 weeks

  • What’s included:
    Customized program to leave motivation at the door and use discipline to accomplish all goals and objectives.
  • 24/7 availability for questions or concerns
  • Daily routine guidance
  • Efficiency Training

Society Rules

The non-negotiable rules that if broken will cost you your membership:
Respect The Space

Be a responsible person and clean up after yourself. Put things back, wipe things down, and leave a great space for the next person.

Respect Other's Time

Be out of the space no later than :55 or :25 after the hour (depending on the space).  Staff may need to perform a task between members and the air needs to clear out after you’ve been grinding it out for the past 55 minutes so get out on time.

Respect the Weight

Use supports, bring a spotter, be smart and keep yourself healthy. It’s a lot tougher to get stronger with an injury. Use common sense.

No Tailgaiting

This means do no hold open doors for someone. As polite as that may be, all members must use their access badges to get into the spaces.

Report Issues

We cannot fix what we do not know. Something broken? Someone do something they are not supposed to? Do you just need assistance with an issue? We are here to help. Reach out and we will get it handled.

Pay On Time

If it’s time to renew your membership, be a responsible individual and get it completed on time. We have a very limited number of memberships available.

Frequently Asked Questions

The in's and out's.
What if I lose my badge?

No worries, it is replaceable for a $10 fee.

What if I miss my time?

An appointment to invest in yourself cannot be missed!! However, things do happen.  Be sure to cancel so someone else could maybe benefit from that time frame.

When do I have to pay my membership fee?

New and Renewal memberships require a completed registration and payment prior to the Sunday before the 4-week period starts.  

Is there any cardio equipment?

No traditional cardio equipment is in our facility. We recommend cardio to take place outdoors with a partner, furry friend, or just yourself with some good music. The body needs a break of interior conditioned air and spending time outdoors provides benefits to the mind and body that cannot be replicated on a treadmill. However, if being outside isn’t your thing, there are many exercise movements we can suggest to perform at our facility to boost cardio strength.

What all is in each room?

All rooms hold the same equipment with one exception. Two rooms (Alpha & Bravo) have a steel squat rack with supports while the other two rooms (Charlie & Delta) have Smith Machines. Otherwise all of the equipment is the same in every room. This includes plates for lifting up to 405 lbs., a full cable set with attachments, dumbbells up to 100 lbs., plyo boxes, mats, and other accessories. As we learn what our members desire, we will continue to add even more equipment. Heavier weight is also available upon request for the serious lifters.

Are there cameras?

You mean “stupidity deterrents”? Yes, we do have these in place given some people make very poor decisions.. In order to protect our facility and society members from poor decision makers we do have cameras. If you feel like you don’t have the maturity to not do something foolish, this isn’t the place for you.

Why is muscle important?

Many reasons. As you age your muscular abilities begin to deteriorate. If you do not actively work to improve muscular capacity, you’ll be wishing you had. Stronger muscles improve joint health and tendon elasticity. Resistance training promotes bone density, increases metabolism, improves your functional stability, improves posture and spine health, improves blood flow and your oxygen levels.

What does it take to have a fitness-based lifestyle?

Real simple, make it part of your life on a consistent basis. Become a lifetime student and continue to learn, refine, and build your mental and physical strength. Some people obviously take this a lot further than others, but if you’re a member here, you’ve decided to make this a priority.

I don’t know what workouts to do, what are good resources?

This depends on your learning style and what you see as fun or the most productive for you. This also depends entirely on your goals so there is not a “one size fits all” solution. Luckily the access to information and/or quality contacts is right at your fingertips these days. If you are an independent, self-starter then we can recommend resources via easy to use online apps, videos, or websites. If you want a little assistance for someone to monitor your efforts, we know coaches or can recommend online coaches. If you desire a full-time trainer, we also can provide quality experienced contacts to provide this service.